Dr. George McKevitt

Chief Technology Officer
New York

Dr. George McKevitt joined the team in October of 2018 and is responsible for oversight of all company technology, including product development. He joins Acupay with more than 25 years of technology and management experience, including more than 12 years building and manufacturing SaaS companies and 7 years as a CTO. He has worked in multiple industries including financial services, engineering, travel and hospitality, and insurance.

George holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science as well as degrees in Physics and Business. He is an avid college sports fan, primarily of Rutgers and the Big 10. Other interests include a small obsession with golf as well as enjoying science fiction and technology.

+1 212 510 4367

Christopher Smith

Head of Production Systems Engineering
New York

Chris joined Acupay in December 2015 and focuses on front and back end development of Acupay’s web systems. He graduated from SUNY Rockland with an A.A.S in Liberal Arts and worked in Pension Implementation for three years. In August 2015, Chris made his transition into the world of coding through General Assembly, a web development boot camp in NYC.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys watching Game of Thrones and discussing theories regarding the story, following his favorite sports teams, and cooking.

+1 212 510 4384

DJ Nadgar

Head of New Product Engineering and DevOps
New York

DJ Nadgar joined the team in September 2019. DJ manages the development of new product engineering and DevOps, which includes automation for continuous integration/continuous deployment in the AWS cloud.

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon and has worked in private equity/venture capital, cutting-edge medical technologies, e-commerce startups, drug and cosmetics manufacturing, and e-learning.

DJ enjoys science fiction, gaming technology, and learning new skills such as inshore fishing, sailing, and tennis.

+1 212-510-4363

Thorpe Thompson

System Administrator
New York

Thorpe joined Acupay sister company BondCom in July 2004. He currently holds the title of Director of Technology for both Acupay and BondCom and has previously studied a Bachelors degree in Computer Programming at Roberts Walsh: Union, New Jersey. Prior to this he studied Music at Wagner College: Staten Island, NY.

Thorpe is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and augmenting our enterprise Computer Systems, Network Infrastructure, and public internet presence.

+1 212 422 4370

Matthew Smalling

Head of Infrastructure Engineering
New York

Matt recently joined Acupay in August of 2019. He currently holds the title of Senior Manager of Technical Operations and has holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology / Business from Hofstra University.

Matt brings with him a variety of experience in Public / Private Virtualization technologies, along with Enterprise experience with Storage, Networking and Windows administration, which will greatly help the Operations Team with its transitional phase into Public Cloud Technologies.

+1 212 510 4375

Venkat Akella

Quality Assurance Manager
New York

Venkat joined Acupay in August 2019. He has over 10 years’ experience in testing and is responsible for implementing and developing Quality Assurance processes, practices ensuring our software is well-tested and delivered with high quality. He holds a Master of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from The City College of New York, USA and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University, India.

Venkat borrows his QA principle from the MTA: “If you see something, say something." He loves to travel and read books and keep up on latest software trends and technologies when not QA-ing.

He is fluent in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

+1 212 510-4389

Thomas Schutte

Head of Database Engineering
New York

Thomas joined Acupay in March 2020. He has over 13 years experience working with databases and started his career with a 3 year apprenticeship as a Specialized Computer Scientist for System Integration in Germany.

Thomas is responsible for database administration and will support the development team with his extensive knowledge of query performance tuning. When he doesn’t look at execution plans he enjoys playing boardgames while listening to metal music.

He is fluent in German and English and currently learning Spanish.

+1 212-422-1222

Pete Rodriguez

Systems Administrator
New York

Pete joined Acupay in 2020. As a member of the Technical Operations team Pete helps to maintain and improve operational efficiency and stability. He has over 20 years experience in IT Windows Administration, Technical Operations, Infrastructure, and virtualization – mostly in the financial services industry.

Pete holds an AAS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Queensborough Community College. Interests and hobbies include poker, hearts, and jigsaw puzzles.

+1 212-510-4395

Pawel Nawoj

Associate Developer

Pawel joined the technology team in Acupay in April 2021 after graduating from University of Birmingham coding bootcamp where he earned a Full Stack Web Developer certificate. His previous background also includes electronics and metal machining.

In his spare time Pawel likes to further read and listen about electronics and technology in general, maintain high physical activity through exercise and running, play the guitar, cook and play PC games.

+44 (0) 20 3841 1820

Emily Richard

Associate Developer
New York

Emily joined Acupay in May 2021. She graduated from Lambda School, a remote coding bootcamp, with a Full Stack Web Development certificate in 2020. Before transitioning into development, she worked in the education and disaster restoration industries.

When she’s not in front of her computer, Emily enjoys reading, attempting to cook, music, and spending time outdoors.

+1 603-660-9594

Hamza Butt

Junior Developer

Hamza joined Acupay in August 2021 after graduating from General Assembly in April 2021. He has a background in Mathematics and before life as a developer, he taught Mathematics at college level.

In his spare time, he plays football for a club, enjoys reading and loves road trips. His favorite destination – Iceland.

(+44) 753 568 9836

Benjamin Franke

Junior Developer

Benjamin joined Acupay as a Data Management Analyst in November 2019, having previously worked in both private equity and insurance. From January 2022 he has joined the Technology Team as Junior Software Engineer.

He graduated from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, with an MA in Economics in 2018 and thereafter successfully completed an MSc in Economic Policy at the University of Utrecht in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Benjamin speaks fluent English, German, and is learning Dutch with a current intermediate proficiency in the language.

+44 (0) 20 3841 1822