Tax Reclaim Service


Any investor holding an international portfolio of securities will be affected by withholding taxes on their investment income. Often this capital gains tax, or withholding tax on foreign dividends, as assessed by the nation where the issuer is domiciled, can be reduced by reclaiming it from the relevant foreign tax authorities.

Acupay's Tax Reclaim Service

Acupay provides straightforward, easy to use, full-service tax solutions, helping the custodian’s banks, brokers, investment advisors and asset managers from start to finish. We make the process of obtaining the necessary documentation for cross-border tax relief simple and oversee the entire process—from filling out the correct documentation to collecting the withholding tax refunds. We continue working closely with the investor’s custodian bank(s), broker(s) and investment advisors as well as the relevant tax authorities throughout the life cycle of the tax reclaim.

The Acupay System can provide tax relief solutions via a number of channels:

  • Relief-At-Source

Also known as “Immediate Refund,” this procedure can reduce the amount of excess withholding tax on foreign investments at the source of their issuance, allowing for reimbursement to the client on the same date of payment.

  • Quick Refund

This process allows clients to apply for a refund of excess withholding tax on securities from the appropriate withholding agent, before it has been transferred to the relevant tax authorities.

  • Long-Form Reclaim

The standard channel through which an application can be made to reclaim excess withholding tax from the relevant authorities, if full or partial tax relief has not been obtained through relief at source or quick refund.

Whether you are financial intermediary, broker, custodian, investment manager, hedge fund, corporation, or pension fund, and would like us to provide any tax relief or calculate how much excess withholding tax you or your clients could currently reclaim, please complete the form in the Get In Touch section. For more details on the reclaim processes in various markets, please visit Acupay’s Tax Relief Countries.

If you are a financial intermediary, fund or asset manager and would like to have a chat about the various options and possibilities of tax relief, please contact our Operations and Custodial Liaison Team at +44 (0) 20 7382 0340 in London or +1 212 422 1222 in New York or via email at