What do I find here?

Here you will find PDFs of articles written by members of the Acupay team, which are shared via our quarterly newsletters.

Newsletter Q1 2023

7 March 2023Upcoming Payments in Q2 2023
7 March 2023Acupay's Product Roadmap 2023
7 March 2023Acupay Company Values
7 March 2023ESG Team Update: Team Report 2022
7 March 2023Acupay Assists Enel S.p.A with its Tender Offer on its USD Securities Due 2073

Newsletter Q4 2022

2 November 2022Acupay's Data Privacy Practices
2 November 2022Upcoming Payments Calendar Q1 2023
2 November 2022Introduction to Eddie Oliveira
2 November 2022Cybersecurity at Acupay
2 November 2022Acupay at SIBOS 2022

Newsletter Q3 2022

25 August 2022The Acupay Platform Technology Approach
25 August 2022Upcoming Payments in Q4 2022
25 August 2022AML and KYC Practices
25 August 2022ESG Team Update
25 August 2022Acupay Expands Its Innovative Tax Certification Service For Issuers

Newsletter Q2 2022

9 June 2022Acupay Participates in EU Consultation About Withholding Tax
9 June 2022Upcoming Payments in Q3 2022
9 June 2022New Vacancies Update
9 June 2022Introduction to Acupay’s ESG Team
9 June 202210 Years Since the Greek Debt Restructuring

Newsletter Q1 2022

1 March 2022A Big Welcome to John Glass
1 March 2022Acupay’s SWIFT Architecture Update
1 March 2022The Year in Review: How Did Acupay Perform in 2021?
1 March 2022New Treaties and Treaty Changes
1 March 2022Acupay Upcoming Payments Calendar
1 March 2022Acupay’s Product Roadmap 2022

Newsletter Q4 2021

1 November 2021The Benefits of Acupay Hosting Options
1 November 2021Why Cross-Border Tax Relief Makes An Ideal Business Case For Technology-Driven Outsourcing
1 November 2021Acupay Celebrates 10 Years of Italian-Yankee Bond Structure, Launches New Publications Page
1 November 2021Acupay Upcoming Payments Calendar
1 November 2021DTC Relief-At-Source Process Change
1 November 2021Risk & Compliance: Human Rights Statement