Acupay Link

In addition to its user-friendly, secure online interface, the Acupay System builds on technologies which permit the real-time exchange of data via Acupay Link --a direct, secure electronic link between our databases and the systems of custodial intermediaries. Acupay Link can be set up per request of the custodial entity or by signing a special Acupay Link set-up and operating agreement with Acupay. Acupay’s technical specialists liaise with your team to define the technical parameters of Acupay Link (e.g. communication channel technology, format and layout of files to be exchanged etc.). Our Acupay Link can be set up, tested and fully operational within only a few days' time.

Acupay Link can significantly reduce the operating costs of your organization by streamlining tax certification operations and minimizing operational errors thanks to the utilization of straight-through-processing technology. Once established and fully tested, Acupay Link allows the sending (by the custodian) and auto-processing (by Acupay System) of machine-readable files containing your tax certification information in a form which matches your requirements and system specifications. Real-time feedback and detailed reports are accessible via the Acupay System online interface, where any supporting documentation, if necessary, must be printed, signed and sent back to Acupay System by the custodian. Reporting can also be provided via machine-readable files transmitted via Acupay Link to the custodian, which can be automatically loaded into and processed by your systems.

For more information on Acupay Link, please contact Spyridon Lamprakis of the Business Analytics Team.