Under recent regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (“GDPR”) and the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018 (“CCPA”), data subjects have the right to request opting out of or restricting disclosure of their personal data. To submit this request, a data subject should:

  • For Acupay System / TPS Authorised User, Acupay Online Wizard, or Transfer Agent Services data:
  1. For GDPR-Related requests, we have appointed IT Governance Europe Limited to act as our EU representative. If you wish to exercise your rights under the GDPR or have any queries in relation to your rights or general privacy matters, please email our representative at Please ensure that you include our company name in any correspondence you send to our representative.
  2. For all other requests, you can contact our Risk and Compliance Officer in New York toll-free at +1 888 385 2663 or by email at if you have any questions.
  • For beneficial owner data submitted on the data subject's behalf by another party via the Acupay System / TPS System for tax relief: Please contact the relevant data controller.

Please note that you will not be required to create an account on any of our systems in order to complete the opt-out process. Also note that if you opt out of having your personal data disclosed to third parties, Acupay will not be able to assist with any future tax relief or Acupay Wizard requests it receives related to you because the data must be filed with the paying agent, issuer, sub-processor, co-processor, or tax authority relevant to your request in order to meet eligibility and/or tax compliance requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Risk and Compliance Officer in New York toll-free at +1 888 385 2663 or by emailing