Acupay Real Time: Tax Compliance and Investor Relations

Acupay Real Time is an online, secure reporting platform for securities issuers and tax authorities. It provides access to real-time reports of investor data and documentation transmitted to the Acupay System by custodial intermediaries and their clients and reconciled with the respective data feeds from the relevant clearing systems. Acupay Real Time reports are adjustable and are provided at various levels of data aggregation.

Secure Access

An individual secure user login including a personal password, is generated and provided by Acupay to each user that is authorized to use the platform. Acupay Real Time supports the registration and management of unlimited authorized users and access to users can be easily granted or restricted by the account administration online. User accounts can be added, edited, activated or deactivated by the account administrator(s), who can also configure the access levels and permissions that shall be provided to the real time users.

Custom Reports

Acupay Real Time offers a variety of standard data reports which include clearing system participant level summary reports and detailed beneficial owner level reports as well as interest/dividend/withholding tax or refund amount calculations based on data and documentation received. Reports are flexible and fully customisable and can be easily tailored to any specific requirements.

Residency Certification (CORE) Library

All documentation received from holders of securities associated with a particular Acupay Real Time account, including certificates of residence and tax refund forms, is available for view to the issuer, its agents (for example its legal counsel or the local custodian) and the tax authorities via the Residency Certification (CORE) Library, which allows search by holder tax ID and country of tax residence.

Secure Download Center

Acupay Real Time supports payment date operations by making available all relevant payment reports in various formats (such as Excel format or machine readable files) to be securely downloaded by the issuer, the paying agent or other relevant members of the deal team. Additional files and custom reports containing sensitive or confidential information are also made available for secure download via the secure download center.

Secure web-link to the Acupay Real Time.