Certificates of Residence

Many jurisdictions require a Certificate of Residence (COR) to process a tax relief request, especially in the world of equities and for long form reclaims. CORs are usually issued by the investor's local tax authority. In some nations, establishing this certificate is a cumbersome process for small businesses or individuals which is why we strive to support them.

Obtaining a U.S. certificate of residence from the IRS

The process of obtaining a COR from the U.S. tax authority, the IRS, is especially cumbersome. In order to obtain a Form 6166, the COR of the U.S., investors have to fill in a Form 8802. The instructions for filling out Form 8802 run twelve pages and can be found on the website of the IRS. There is only one IRS office that handles residency form applications for the entire country, and processing can take up to eight weeks per form. Due to the complex nature of the Form 8802, the IRS’s rejection rate for these applications runs as high of 50%, forcing investors to re-submit the applications and start the eight-week process over again, further delaying the submission of any tax relief requests to foreign tax authorities.

The easy way of obtaining a U.S. certificate of residence

Acupay has developed an online application process which facilitates this tricky and time consuming process. In order to streamline the process, Acupay provides investors with an easy-to-use, interactive, online Residency Certification Wizard, which facilitates completing the Form 8802. On completing the wizard, you simply need to print out your form, sign it, and either fax or email a scanned copy back to Acupay. Our team will prepare your application and transmit it to the IRS for the quickest possible turnaround time.

As the IRS charges a fee per application to issue a COR, Acupay will collect this fee (along with a nominal handling fee to cover processing costs) and pass it on to the IRS.

Non U.S. Resident

We also provide resident certification services for non-US resident investors, and are setting up automated wizards to help residents of other countries apply for certificates of residency. If you live outside the US and would like to learn more about our resident certification services please contact us.