Acupay Wizards

Many tax related forms required by domestic or foreign tax authorities follow a standardized layout. Often they are cumbersome to fill in and store.

Acupay has created web-based platforms, so-called Acupay Wizards, which facilitate the creation and storage of these forms in a much more user-friendly manner. Custodians or their clients can simply fill in in the required information, print the document produced automatically, and scan it back to Acupay. The Acupay System recognizes the document instantly thanks to barcode technology and stores it in the correct place.

When the custodian bank makes a tax relief request anytime after the Wizard-produced document has been sent into the Acupay System, the system automatically recognizes that it is on file, validates the form and will not ask for it again.

6166 Wizard

Our most popular and sophisticated Wizard is our 6166 Wizard. To obtain a certificate of residence from the U.S. tax authorities - the IRS - a Form 8802 must be filled in and submitted to the U.S. government. Since 8802 Forms must cover all possible corporate structures of the applicant, they are very complex. Contrary to these forms, the Acupay 6166 Wizard will only ask questions relevant to the entity type represented by the user, after which it will auto-populate the form and liaise with the IRS after it has been submitted into the Acupay System.

To start a 6166 application, please go to the Acupay 6166 Wizard.

Germany Wizards

DTV Application Form Application for approval regarding the refund application procedure for German withholding tax-at-source.

Transparent Entities Form if requested by the German tax authorities upon audit.

U.S. Pension Fund Form required to obtain 0% exemption for qualified U.S. pension funds.

Letter of Authorization Form required to be on file for each beneficial owner who will be submitting German tax relief requests via the DTV procedure through the Acupay System. The Letter of Authorization will need to be signed by the beneficial owner or by an authorized representative for certain account types (such as for example joint tenants, trusts and corporations) and will authorize the “DTV-approved Filer” to take the necessary steps to file a DTV request on their behalf.