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Chief Technology Officer

REPORTING TO: Co-Presidents

LINE REPORTS: Systems and IT team

LOCATION: New York and London, with some international travel


Lead all aspects of the Company’s technology development including the design, construction and operation of all of technology through:

  • assuring effective operation of the Company’s existing technology,
  • adapting existing technology to serve new markets, and to accommodate changes to relevant laws or administrative requirements,
  • designing, building and deploying leading-edge technical solutions to improve the Company’s services, and
  • creating or deploying advancements in technology relevant to the securities industry.

Responsible for establishing, developing and executing the Company's technical vision and strategy and ensure that it supports the business in all activities. Evaluate how technology can be used:

  • to enable new business models, business lines, products and services – to stay ahead of the curve;
  • to increase revenues, and
  • to pre-empt a competitor’s attempts to use technology to disrupt the company’s market position.

Contemplate long-term innovation, broaden the strategic horizons of the company, and envision future paths. Overall responsibility for the long-term direction of technological planning and development.

Maintain technology architecture and ensure that architecture supports the growing and changing needs of the business.

Coordinate on a regular basis with Product and Business Analytics the current priorities for the technology team. Coordinate, prioritize and assign issues within the technology team.

Build and manage an elite technology and design team:

  • Coordinate team’s work load,
  • Keep team motivated,
  • Be the first person to call in case of urgent questions, problems and emergencies,
  • Give hands-on support when the team is under pressure to deliver, and
  • Manage and support employees so they deliver to the best of their abilities.

Anticipate technology changes and ensure the Company remains ahead of competitors. Monitor technical and social trends that could impact the Company, turn them into opportunities.

Develop a technology project plan together with a budget and wishlist (for sign off by Co-Presidents) and oversee it during the course of the business year.

Handle any urgent situations proactively and with due diligence and care.

Proactively renew and update current technologies to avoid system failures.

Supervise IT vendor risk management.

Supervise the drafting, revising and implementation of various IT-related procedures and policies.


Strong technology vision with the practical ability and experience to design, build, and run the IT and development teams.

Creative and visionary IT / technology experience.

Demonstrable track record of high level aptitude and tenacity to drive this part of the business forward in order to achieve its strategic business outcomes.

Zeal for technology innovation and creativity.

Excellent management, interpersonal and communication skills. Strong leadership skills and proven experience. Ability to effectively communicate with other teams and external stakeholders at all levels. Ability to interpret and communicate across the team, the wider business and clients, in a way that is easy for all to follow.

Ability to assimilate the Company’s technology / IT needs in a very short amount of time

Excellent business sense

Ability to identify opportunities for process perfection, create strategies and implement them

Persuading and influencing own team and internal stakeholders

Knowledge of project planning methodologies and best practices

Business & results focus

Strategic & operational planning

Conduct activities in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the Company


Drive to push the company ahead

Ability to work under pressure

Willingness to work around the clock


Overall responsibility for the company’s technology direction with a focus on commercialization outcomes. Determine how technology can be used to implement the business strategy.

Create overall plan for technological advancement; break down into action plan and milestones. Identify and prioritize development initiative and set timetables for evaluation, development and deployment of services for review by and discussion with the co-presidents.

Build visible technological leadership. Communicate the company's technology strategy to Co-Presidents, Chairman, staff, partners, clients and stakeholders. Share knowledge and educate Co-Presidents and staff with regard to the company’s IT and technology vision, opportunities, and challenges.

Collaborate with Co-Presidents to establish technology governance processes of direction and control to ensure that objectives are achieved, risks properly managed and the Company’s resources are used responsibly.

Overall responsibility to run all aspects of the technology through all phases of the application development process including analysis, design, program specification, coding/development, quality assurance, testing, documentation and user training.

Ensure the Company is ahead of the curve. Identify technology trends, best practices and evolving social behaviour that may support or impede the success of the business. Attend relevant conferences, read widely, including peers’ blogs! Identify technological opportunities and risks for delivering the Company’s services, including identification of competitive services, opportunities for innovation, and assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to business success.

Cooperate with appropriate departments (especially Business Analytics division) to assess and recommend technologies that support the company’s needs as well as coordinate conflicting priorities and handle urgent situations.

Overall responsibility for information security and the robustness of systems and technology infrastructure. Distribute information security plan to staff that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Company’s data and servers. Ensure policy awareness amongst staff. Ensure customer information privacy policy meets expectations of government, clients, users and staff.

Responsibility for development and execution of disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Establish testing policies and methodologies and ensure that they are adhered to.

Promulgate coding conventions and documentation standards.

Review and approve proposed development releases and manage the release process.

Overall responsibility for the timely and cost-effective delivery of technological solutions for all Company needs from the improvement of operational processes, the development of new products and services.

Keep abreast of current projects in the Company and tax laws and regulations to ensure Company technology reflects internal requirement market requirements. Effectively liaise with Business Analytics Division to ensure that technology strategy is in harmony with product requirements and operational needs.

Build and develop an elite IT/Systems team. Identify staffing needs for the IT/ Systems team. Establish standards of performance and monitor conformance of staff through appraisal process.

Collaborate with Co-Presidents to select any outsourced technology vendors.

Maintain current information about technology standards and compliance regulations.

Maintain professional competence by complying at all times with the training and competence procedures of the Company.

The above are not necessarily exclusive and you may be asked to undertake other duties as deemed appropriate by senior management.


Fixed salary, with excellent prospects + annual performance--based incentive.


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